Welcome to Premiere Movie Posters.

Welcome to the world of Premiere Movie Posters. Original movie posters are our passion.

We began as movie lovers and movie poster collectors. We are now selling and trading in posters.
Ian Wilson is the owner of Premiere Movie Posters. Ian has been a movie poster collector for 20 years and sold his first poster in 2005.
“Prior to dealing in movie posters I was a music memorabilia collector, particularly original concert posters. I bought my first Star Wars Daybill in 1999, and before I knew it, movie posters became my main obsession”.

Ian soon amassed a large collection of over 200 Australian Daybills and original Star Wars posters from around the world and is one of Australia’s biggest Star Wars and Daybill poster collectors.
“From there I started collecting Quads, Inserts and US One Sheets of my favourite films. Even if I didn’t like the film, or whether I had seen it, as a collector, I had to own the poster. I made friends and connections with traders around the world, selling and trading the multiples I had. I’ve been selling items through Christie’s and eBay. Finally I decided to start my own website and sell directly to customers and collectors.”

Making a connection with a favourite film through the art of cinema posters is a feeling we want to share with you.
“Buying my first Star Wars Daybill in 1999 was purely nostalgia from seeing the same Daybill and Lobby Cards in a cinema in 1979 when I was a kid. Often the first connection you make with a film is seeing the poster in the cinema lobby. We all have favourite films that are significant to us and have an emotional resonance, and what better way to make a connection with a film than to own an original poster. The posters are part of the movie’s creation.”

As an art form, cinema posters encompass a vast array of design skills and talents. The movie is distilled and captured in a poster form that is visually compelling.

“It all comes down to the incredible art work”, says Ian. “It doesn’t matter how many times I see an Exorcist, or an Empire Strikes Back poster, or on rarer occasions something like a Forbidden Planet; the feeling and excitement is always there; it’s in the art, the quality of the print, and of course the film itself. It is this feeling that I love to pass on to my customers. ”

Since the early days of the cinema studio, posters have been an integral part of the moviemaking industry. The art, inks, images and paper have gone through massive transformations, from hand drawing from such great artists like Bob Peak and John Alvin to name two, to the photographic and computer generated.

There are many fakes and copies which we are acutely aware of.
We never buy and will not sell any counterfeit or copy of any original poster.
The posters we buy are from auctions, other well-known collectors, trading, and buying individual or poster collections directly from the public. A home movie theatre is incomplete without them. They are always a great conversational piece and the perfect gift for any movie lover.
Movie posters are highly collectible and retain or increase in value. Some are valuable, others are extremely valuable.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced collector, it’s always a good time to buy movie posters.