6 Grade System

MINT – This is the highest grade. It appears as if the poster has just been printed. There are no marks, blemishes or imperfections. It can be either rolled or printed depending on its original state. Posteits in mind condition generally command higher prices in their normal price range. Fewer posters are found in mint condition.

NEAR MINT Poster may have minor marking dItound the borders. Clean, clear printing is evident with rib imperfections. NEARIMINT posters should mostly be priced below MINT.

VERY GOOD General wear and tear may be apparent in this category, mostly around the border Small tears may be visible especially around folds. There may also be faded areas. A VERY GOOD poster may be many years old. This category is one below NEAR MINT.

GOOD Still very collectible, these posters may have small holes or tears but over no more than a quarter pf the outer edges of the artwork. Fading may also be apparent, although of a mild nature. The greater part of the artwork must be clear of blemishes. Prices for GOOD posters will be in the middle to lower range for that title.

FAIR Posters in this category may have the artwork directly affected. Whist still intact there is evident wear and tear and the poster may have been professionally restored. Only highly desirable titles in the FAIR Category, will command reasonable prices. It is still possible to obtain higher prices for highly unique and collectible posters.

POOR Poster in this category will most likely be heavily damaged by age, wear and tear, moisture or heat. It may in pl ces be falling apart and require delicate and professional handling. A poster in. POOR condition will be priced depending on the title_ It will most likely command lower prices than a poster in FAIR condition. Professional restoration must be tindertaken to preserve the future lifeo f the poster.